I received this as an email from my friend Jim Hodges the other day and I thought I should share it because it soothed my heart. It’s a nice thing to read as you start your week.

Mx Bond

I Announce Natural Persons to Arise

I announce natural persons to arise;
I announce justice triumphant;
I announce uncompromising liberty
and equality;
I announce the justification of candor,
and the justification of pride.

I announce that the identity
of These States
is a single identity only;
I announce the Union
more and more compact, indissoluble;
I announce splendors and majesties
to make all the previous
politics of the earth insignificant.

I announce adhesiveness—
I say it shall be limitless, unloosen’d;
I say you shall yet find
the friend you were looking for.

I announce a man or woman coming—
perhaps you are the one, (So long!)
I announce the great individual,
fluid as Nature, chaste, affectionate,
compassionate, fully armed.

I announce a life that shall be copious,
vehement, spiritual, bold;
I announce an end that shall lightly
and joyfully meet its translation;
I announce myriads of youths,
beautiful, gigantic, sweet-blooded;
I announce a race of splendid
and savage old men.

-Walt Whitman 1819-189


  1. kromatiko says:

    Thanks for this from my two hero/ines. J

  2. katebornstein says:

    Awwwwww, that’s just perfect, little sister. In fact, soothed my heart. Love you, Kate

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