Photo by David Kimelman

I choose the name MX JUSTIN VIVIAN BOND’S SNOW ANGEL for my holiday show before the election AND YES I was hedging my bets. It looked like it could go either way and at the time I had to consider what my state of mind would be like if Mitt Romney was elected president. So I choose SNOW ANGEL because a SNOW ANGEL could be a symbol of whimsical play in A MAGICAL WINTER WONDERLAND or it could be the shape you make when you’re being RAPED IN THE SNOW!

Photo by David Kimelman

Fortunately MITT ROMNEY and so many of his WOMAN HATING, “rape specialist” cronies were resoundingly defeated and sent back to their MAN CAVES until the next election so…


SNOW ANGEL photos by David Kimelman

And not only do we have the re-election of the president to celebrate, we have the passage of GAY MARRIAGE in several more states by popular vote, the legalization of MARIJUANA and the BEAUTIFUL outpouring of love and GENEROSITY by all the AMAZING PEOPLE who have pitched in to HELP the victims of hurricane Sandy. WE’RE ALL EXHAUSTED because we’ve been through hell but the BRIGHT SIDE has been BRILLIANT. We have witnessed SO MUCH LOVE and generosity over the past few weeks.

To be honest, I wasn’t looking forward to another holiday show. I was feeling uninspired but not anymore after all we’ve been through, and all the wondrously inspiring help I’ve had working on the many benefits I’ve been involved with recently I CAN’T WAIT to get onstage and do my thing. Plus Momma’s gotta make some coins! Can I get a “Halo”?

So grab some friends, bring the girls from work, your newly socially progressive mother, your priest, trick, gay husband, or even the trick you’re hoping will soon be your new husband! Bring ONE OF THE NEWLY ELECTED WOMEN SENATORS… BRING THE WHOLE GANG!


54 Below on Sundays and Mondays in December!


Mx Justin Bond’s SNOW ANGEL

I’m also touring this show and will be playing

At PICA in Portland December 18 and 19


Special SOLSTICE SHOW at The Rrazz Room in San Francisco December 20

In NYC I’ll be sharing the stage with my traveling companion Nath Ann Carrera, Miss Amber Martin and Brett Every. I’m also hoping to bring in some surprise guests too.

Nath Ann and I will be touring to San Francisco and Portland!

So flap your arms and spread your legs cause there’s a SNOW ANGEL inside you just waiting to be set free!

Photo by David Kimelman

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