A New Friend

I just returned from Tennessee to a crazy world. Osama Bin Laden is dead and Chaz Bono is the new male terrorist fighting progressive gender roles and re-affirming the binary with every step of his transition. No wonder Cher is confused. Come to think of it, Cher could make a very convincing Bin Lad-Alike. Work THAT look, Queen!

The past month has been totally amazing. After the wonderful receptions for my record and concerts in NY, SF and LA. I flew back to NYC to be honored, along with Danny Hoch and Carmelita Tropicana at PS 122′s 30th Anniversary Gala. It was a very emotional night with Rufus Wainwright, Sandra Bernhard and Kate Bornstein paying tribute to me. So many people who inspired my career and life choices were in the audience that I found myself wondering why I was on the stage instead of all the other brilliant people in the room. It was a delightfully humbling moment during a very beautiful evening. The following morning I headed to the airport and a few hours later I was frolicking with the Fairies in Tennessee. No cel phone, no internet, no MEAT! (although at one point my friend Granite and I slipped off the mountain and returned with a wheel barrow full of cheeseburgers and beer to the delight of my carnivorous compatriots, Shhh!!!) It was heaven to be out of the city and surrounded by nothing but nature and freaks thereof.

One of my annual Beltaine (May 1st) Eve rituals has been to straddle a log which lies across a ravine on the mountain to reflect on the events of the previous year which I then record into my book of shadows and usually I’ll make up a song. After writing down all I’d done this past year I felt exhausted so instead of writing or singing a song I stretched out on the log and fell asleep. This is what I woke up to…

Hi Little Goat!

I also managed to kick my book off the log and into the mud-filled ravine. I worked my way down into it by speaking to the saplings that were the only thing I had to steady myself with, “Okay Ladies, I’m going to need your help with this…” The young trees were ever so obliging. I guess they know an ally when they see one. In no time I had plucked my book out of the mud which I could only imagine to be filled with the cum and piss of countless goats and fairies and returned it to it’s place in my Prada knapsack (balance, Dear) so I imagine it to be well-seasoned for the coming year. And who knows what the coming year will bring. My friend Wynn said the most marvelous thing about our little retreat. I’ll have to paraphrase but basically he was saying that we live in a culture where a critical mindset is much more celebrated and accepted than one of nurturance but for the brief time we’re on the mountain the balance shifts. I’m so grateful to know it can happen, we can shift the balance if we want to.

Even in the woods one can dress for dinner!


I was so pleased that in his profile of me in OUT Magazine Mike Albo ended with this quote. “It’s not about nature versus nurture. It’s about nurturing your nature.” I should have also added that, at this point, nature could use a little nurturing too.

Favorite overheard line of the week?

Someone in the smokers tent was telling a story of how they overheard someone in the woods saying,

“I’m polyamorous, but I’m not poly all y’all!”

Werque it out, Lady!!!

Happy Mother’s Day!


Mx Vivian

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  1. “Nurturing your nature” — a beautiful and very wise notion. Elegant portrait, too — a creature Cocteau might have imagined.

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